Stephen King’s ‘IT’ has been given a 2017 make over and I was super excited to watch this as the original was supposed to be terrifying!

I actually don’t remember the original or if I ever saw it but from the hype I was looking forward to super scary things.

When it comes to horror movies I have the most recent ones not so scary and unfortunately ‘IT’ falls into this bracket. In fact I think I laughed more opposed to screaming or hiding behind my popcorn.

The plot: 7 young kids face their worst fears, a shape shifting evil looking Clown who preys on children every 27 years. Together they work together to battle this evil.

The acting from the kids was brilliant in fact very comic in most parts, however it just wasn’t scary! The film reminded me of a mixture of The Goonies, The Hole and Jeepers Creepers.

This was just part one so lets hope part 2 has something better to offer!


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