big-fat-greek-wedding-2-posterMy big fat Greek wedding 2 (27-03-2016)

15 years later we are back to visit our favorite Greek family and see how they are getting on. Everyone is still loud and in each others business, Toula feels like things are in a standstill, her life is a little boring and her daughter Paris is about to go to University. Her parents have discovered that they have never actually been officially married hence the wedding!

This was funny in most parts and a good family fun film however the film was short and did lack some depth. As with most sequels its better to stop at the 1st film.

Did we really need a part 2, no but was still a good flick to watch on a Easter Sunday.


TheBoy_2016-OfficialPosterThe Boy (19-03-2016)

An American nanny (Greta) moves to England in what she believes is taking a job in babysitting an 8 year old boy. When she is introduced to Brahms she realize that he is in fact a doll. His parents care for the doll as if he was human to cope with the death of their actual son 20 years ago.

Brahms is left with Greta with a strict set of on instructions but strange things start to happen which leaves Great to believe that Brahms is actually alive.

This was a little creepy at times (the doll is creepy)! The ending was a little rushed and I find most horrors are never explained in much depth. My friend grasped the story from the beginning however so you may figure out what is going on much earlier on. There is also a similar film to this on Netflix.

Not the best horror but was fun to watch.


divergent-series-allegiantThe Divergent Series : Allegiant (16-03-2016)

Right so only Divergent fans will watch this one as this is the final part but this part 1 of 2 which is annoying. I finished the last book only in Jan and wasn’t happy on how it ended so wasn’t sure which direction the film would follow in.

The film is nothing like the book! Tris and the others now seek what is on the other side of the wall but are split in terms of what they find is good or bad.

I did enjoy it although I wish there was more reference to the book. I don’t particular like the actress who plays Tris, and there wasn’t enough Tris and Four moments.

Obviously you will watch this if you have seen the rest, so do so if you have and lets wait a whole year for the finale!


othersidefeature1The other side of the door (05-03-2016)  

This is a supernatural horror based in Mumbai about a family who lose their son in a car accident. Mum Maria is devastated and attempts suicide. Walking up in hospital, their house keeper Piki tells Maria that there is a temple she can visit where she can say good bye to her son, however there is one rule she must abide which is not to open the other side of the door! Does Maria listen? Of course not and a whole set of horror unleashes!

This wasn’t scary at all, a little creepy here and there but quite a sad story really.

This isn’t showing in cinema anymore but its an OK flick to watch one evening when it comes on Sky!

If you wonder where you have seen Maria before, then its Sara from Prison Break!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Neerja (Bollywood 21-01-2016) 20160131060040!Neerja_PosterNeerja Bhanot was an Air Hostess for Pan Am airline in India, a flight highjacked in Pakistan in 1986. The story shows those hours in which Neerja ensures the failure of the hijaking and the actions she took to help save the lives of 359 people on that flight.

This is a very courageous story of a brave and beautiful young lady, she was only 23 when this event took place. I am not normally a fan of Sonam Kapoor however I feel she portrayed Neerja well, her emotions and feelings were expressed highly on screen.

I recommend you take tissues when watching this, especially during Shabana Azmins closing speech, who plays Neerja’s mum in the film.

Neerja’s story must be heard/seen, so do go watch this. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Deadpool (12-01-2016) deadpoolDeadpool is the latest Marvel spin off. Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds) discovers he has cancer and is dying. When someone offers him a cure he goes for it, however bad boy Ajax tortures and disfigures him which leads on to Wade making a costume and becoming Deadpool! With his super new skills, Deadpool is on a mission to track down Ajax who has the cure to revert the cure. Does he succeed in his mission? The reviews for this film were great, I love Ryan Reynolds and mostly love Marvel. However this is was supposed to be not your typical comic story. Yes it was crude, rude and had one liner silly jokes but I found it so average!! Every tweet I have read has been praising this film, which means if you are reading this you will probably think I am crazy for not loving it, and it will also mean that if you never agree on my reviews you will love this! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Airlift (Bollywood 26-01-2016) Airlift_poster

Airlift is the story based on true events of when the Indians living in Kuwait were caught up in the middle of a war with Iran. Iraqi soldiers had invaded Kuwait and although the Indians were allowed to live as normal, there was no hope of ever carrying as before among the terror and killing. The story shows how against odds the Indians moved from Iraq to Jordan where they were brought home to India by the largest ever Airlift attempted in the history of the world.   This movie was a history lesson for me as I didn’t know about these events. It was so nice to see Akshay Kumar in a serious role. A very courageous film with real spirit. A must watch! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Bajiroa Mastani (Bollywood 23-12-2015)

This film is based on the historical story of Bajiroa and Mastani. Set in the early 18th century, Bajiroa the warrior is married to Kashi however one day during a battle he meets and falls for Mastani. Mastani knows that Bajiroa is married but still insists that he makes her his wife. He does this with the disapproval of the rest of the family. With the family wanting to separate Bajiroa and Mastani, does love conquer all? I thought the movie was well made and looked beautiful. I did not realise this was based on a true story so the history was fascinating. I didn’t think that the chemistry of Bajiroa and Mastani came across too deeply on screen so couldn’t understand at times how deeply in love they were. A well made film, with great acting from all. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Dilwale (Bollywood 20-12-2015)

So we were honored with 2 Bollywood films this December. Dilwale being one of them. There were so much publicity with this film as it was the return of everyone’s favorite onscreen couple, SRK and Kajol. The trailer bored me so I has no expectations of this film. The basics of the story is that SRK and Kajol want to be together but due to a family feud and other nonsense are not allowed (nothing new there). Fast forward 15 years and the pair are reunited, will they still be in love? I didn’t love this but it was better than I expected, few jokes to keep you entertained and Kajol looked stunning (even if she doesn’t do her eyebrows)! Hardcore SRK fans will love this. Typical masala Bollywood vibes! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

The Good Dinosaur (5-12-2015) One for the kids or a big kid like myself! Arlo and his family are friendly dinosaurs who live by growing crops in the fields. One fateful day Arlo is washed away down the river during a rainstorm leaving him lost and separated from his family. Arlo meets and befriends Spot who embark on a journey to reunite Arlo back with his family. I found this sweet and cute, some Lion King moments, definitely one for the family! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Mocking jay Part 2 (29-11-2015) There appears to be a trend in breaking final parts of stories into 2 parts, obviously to cash in as much as they can! Part 1 of this film was just dull dull dull so I has 0 expectations from this, however I was surprised that I liked it. The movie picks up exactly from where part 1 ends so make sure you watch it in case you haven’t or cant remember as there is no recap! Of course it is not as detailed as the book but it covers the main points, its pretty much the same as the book, I thought they may change it here or there. It concludes the story well although my favorite will always be the 1st part. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Spectre (18-11-2015) The latest offering in the James Bond franchise.  Set in beautiful locations such as Rome, Mexico and London, Bond is on a mission to find out the secrets being the organisation Spectre. 007 meets an old enemy along the way and of course a beautiful lady. I thought the plot was fairly weak and poor although the action will keep you entertained enough. The story felt like an ending for Daniel Craig, I cant see him returning as 007 and if he does they need to think of a better story! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Prem Ratan Dhan Payo (Bollywood 12-11-2015) premratandhanpayo759

This years Diwali release was Salman Khan and Sonam Kapoor starer, Prem Ratan Dhan Payo. Prem (Salman Khan) a happy chappy stage actor is a big fan of the Princess Maithili (Sonam Kapoor).   In a bid to see her he sets off to the Village of Pritampur. In Pritampur, the Prince who happens to be a Prem lookalike and is engaged to the Princess, has been kidnapped in the bid to be killed and thrown off his crown. Sounds ridiculous right? Well it is. Of course Prem arrives in Pritampur and the Prince’s people ask him to pretend to be the Prince because the Prince survived his assisination but of course is banged up and cant attand his coronation. The Princess falls in love with this new Prince because the actual Prince is a meanie…. but what happens when the real Prine wakes up?? If you still want to watch this after reading the above then I must have sold it to you really well! The plot is so old skool, the film drags and Sonam Kapoor looks so beautiful but cant act Im afraid. Songs are ok but the film just drags basically because its just so silly. This is a movie for you die hard Salman Khan fans and for those who can see beyond the flaws. I would rather watch Maine Pyar Kiya over and over than have to sit through this ever again! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Martian (11-10-2015)

MV5BMTc2MTQ3MDA1Nl5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwODA3OTI4NjE@._V1_SY317_CR0,0,214,317_AL_ A crew of astronauts have a mission to go to Mars. They manage this however a storm strikes and Mark (Matt Damon) pressumed dead gets left behind 🙁 So NASA figure out that he is alive but its going to take 4 years before they can attempt to rescue him! How does one survive on a planet with no life and will he be rescued? I swear if I was smart enough I would totally love to be an astronaut… you get to fly in space! But what Mark goes through in the movie looked hard!!! The film was gripping and super intense. There was a lot of space talk which il be honest I didnt understand but dont let that put you off. A great watch!! Matt Damon was awesome. 8/10 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Intern (4-10-2015) 20150929060100!The_Intern_PosterA film staring Anne Hathaway and Robert De Niro…amazing right?! Well not really. Ben (Robert) has applied for a senior intern role at Jule’s (Anne) fashion company. Jules is a private person so does not really have time for Ben however he is a big hit in the office. As time goes on Ben is atually a help to Jules and the two embark on a new found friendship. LOL in some parts, the story was sweet but dragged on which made it dull and boring after the 1st half. Acting was good from all cast members but the movie was pretty pointless. As I write this I have seen that only after a week, the cinema I saw this at is no longer showing this movie! Wait for the dvd… De Niro fans will watch for him but don’t have too many expectations. 6/10 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Straight Outta Compton (11-09-2015) comp

So Straight Outta Compton is the story behind 1998’s hip hop group N.W.A. Their songs created controversy due to its honest lyrics but became a huge sensation. I’l be honest, I knew Dr Dre and Ice Cube but not the other members of the group, nor did I know much about them and their rise to fame.  Therefore this was a very interesting biopic on the boys and how they achieved their dreams. The acting was great, especially Ice Cube’s real life son who plays him. The movie had great music, drama, was emotional and showed an inside to the music world business. Not sure if hard core N.W.A fans liked this but I enjoyed it! 7/10 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Fantastic Four (15-02015) f4

It’s taken me a month to write this. Why? Because it was so rubbish I didn’t see the point! LOL This is a reboot from the original 2005 movie, why we needed a remake, I have no idea! Ok so you should all know the story, 4 people explode in some experiment and gain random powers that make them fantastic! This was far slicker than the original, well it has been made 10 years later, most of the movie explains the characters in depth but its dull. Its drags and the most action you see is during the last 20 mins of the movie. I fell asleep twice! Don’t watch this when its out on dvd! 4/10 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Inside Out (2-08-2015) 11190503_ori

This is Disney’s/Pixels summer release. Riley is a happy go lucky 11 year old until things go crazy when she moves to San Francisco with her family. Riley’s emotions led by Joy try to guide her through this change however the stress of the move brings in her other emotions such as Sadness, Fear, Anger and Disgust. When Joy and Sadness are pushed back to Riley’s memories, Anger, Fear and Disgust lead Riley’s emotions but this brings in all kinds of chaos! I didn’t love this, I thought it was a little deep for a kids film, they will get lost with the plot a bit. The emotional characters were great though, Disgust being my favorite.  7/10 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Drishyam – Bollywood (31-07-1015) Drishyam_movie_first_lookT

his Ajay Devgan starer movie translates to Visual/The Sight. Its a thriller and remake of a Tamil film. Vijay (Ajay Devgan) is a simple man living in Goa who runs a cable shop and has a wife and 2 daughters. One day a teenage boy goes missing and Vijay and his family are taken in for questioning. Why is this simple non educated family man taken in? How can him and his family have anything to do with this? I can’t give too much away as it will ruin the plot but the climax is amazing. Ajay Devgan is brilliant in this film, the suspense will drive you crazy!! Probably one of the best films I have seen this year, a must watch! 9/10 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Jurassic World (19-07-2015) Jurassic-World-The-Game

Its been 20 years since the last Jurassic movie, god I feel old! Jurassic World is a amazing resort set in Costa Rica and is a habitat for many genetically engineered dinosaurs, including the latest biggest and Indominus Rex. When the the Rex escapes and heads for the the park, its up to ex military man and dinosaur expert Chris Pratt to use his skills to save the tourist from the Rex! This was fun to watch, amazing effects and very jumpy at times (if I was a kid watching this, Id have nightmares)! The story was nothing new however and the acting was wooden, love Chris Pratt but thought it was wasted in this. It was still a good film to watch and reminisce of the old Jurassic Park movies! 7/10 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Bajrangi Bhaijaan (17-07-2015)

bajrangi-bhaijaan2This years Eid release was of course Bajrangi Bhaijaan staring Salman Khan. I had no desire to watch this, after watching last years ‘Kick’ I had zero expectations however I was pleasantly surprised! Salman Khan is Pawan also known as Bajrangi Bhaijaan who is a all round good guy and a massive believer in the Hindu god Hanuman.   Shaida a young and deaf Pakistani girl visits India with her mum and accidentally gets left behind in India. She meets Pawan where they bond and he makes a promise to get her back home to her country. This was a lovely story between Pawan and Shaida, very heartfelt and I fell in love with Shaida, she is the cutest kid ever! The story picks up after the intermission and was emotional at times. A good family film,  I even surprised my self that  I liked this film! Watch it! 8/10 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Minions (7-07-2015) Minions Film

If you haven’t heard of seen of these cute yellow things then where have you been! The film is set BG (before Gru) and explains where the minions came from.   They try to follow a leader in order to have some purpose in their life however there comes a time where there is no one to lead.  So Stuart Bob and Kevin set on a mission to find the pack a new leader. Their adventures lead them to villain con and the opportunity to work with super villain Scarlet Overkill who wants the minions to steal the Queens crown. How do the minions get on and do they find their leader? This was cute funny and just adorable, you cant help wishing that you could take one of them home. Big and small kinds will enjoy this! 8/10 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Spy (19-06-2015) This movie didn’t originally appeal to me, I just didn’t think it would be funny! But after hearing rave reviews, I thought to go and have a watch. So Susan (Melissa McCarthy, Bridesmaids) is a great CIA agent but is always seen as a joke of the company. She is secretly in love with her partner/agent Bradley (Jude Law) but he doesn’t give her the time of day. When something happens to Bradley, Susan steps in as an undercover spy to help solve the crime. How does she get on? spy-poster Melissa McCarthy was funny, I usually find her OTT but she sweet and hilarious in this film. Jason Statham surprised me as being just as funny. Good to see him doing something different. I took so long to write this review that I don’t think many cinemas are showing this anymore! My bad!! Defo catch this when you can! 8/10 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Dil Dhadakne Do -Bollywood (09-06-2015) Dil-Dhadakne-Do1It’s been a while since I have seen a Bollywood flick so I was looking forward to DDD. The movie focuses around the Mehra family who take their family and friends on a cruise to Turkey and Istanbul for their 30th wedding anniversary (yes they are loaded)!   Each member of the family has a story to tell and the film shows the challenges the parents and children face (between each other and between themselves). Topics such as male/female divide, relationships and choices are covered and there is a moral to the story! This film was good but wasn’t great. A good star cast and visuals but average music and songs. Funny in some parts but slow at times.  I was disappointed with the ending, it felt rushed and lacked that certain va va voom! Overall a very average watch. You will want to take a cruise after watching this (well I did)! 6/10 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

San Andreas (30-05-2015) San_Andreas_posterThis is a disaster movie based on the area of San Andreas (USA) which stars Dwayne Johnson as a LAFD search-and-rescue helicopter pilot. A normal day in California turns sour when a fault triggers a Earthquake where Ray (Dwayne) must aid with the destruction from LA to San Fran as well as helping his ex wife and daughter to safety. This movie has a great cast and some amazing effects, I am not a huge fan of 3D but the 3D effects worked well. However the plot and characters just lose way in this movie. There is a huge disaster going on yet the main characters look super well and have time to build on current and create new relationships! The plot gets silly and there are far better disaster movies out there, the effects are the greatest save in this film, the Rock is seriously wasted as an actor in this! 6/10 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Age of Adaline (10-05-2015) ageBlake Lively plays Adaline who was born in the 1930s. After experiencing a car accident she awakes to never ageing and for the past few decades has been on the run to avoid her secret coming out. She however meets the lovely Ellis, how will she explain to him that they can never grow old together?! This was a sweet and charming film, Blake Lively is just stunning, sophistication just oozes out of her. The time lines are a little dodgy – they needed to put some thought into that but it was a nice Sunday afternoon film probably one for the girls! 7.5/10 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Avengers: Age of Ultron (10-05-2015) avengers

I am a fan of the Marvel series but I hated the Avengers. I wasn’t put off this one though however, I mean 2 hours of Thor is a good enough pass time as any! So the Avengers basically get together this time round because Tony Stark has created some dodgy program which has lead to the creation of Ultron. Together and with some newcomers they must stop Ultron from destroying man kind! A few laughs from Iron man, eye candy from Captain America/Thor and a love interest with the black widow and the hulk still did nothing to make this story mildly entertaining. The action sequences were brilliant but the story just dull! There is a scene after the credits so you know another movie is on the way but they need to get more creative now. If you are a die hard Marvel fan one for you otherwise one for a DVD night. 6/10 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Home (19-04-2015) ‘Oh’ is a Boov, an alien who with other Boovs land on Earth and remove humans to other parts of the world.  ‘Oh’ however is a wanted fugitive to other Boovs as they believe he has sent a message to their enemy indicating which planet they have moved to. Forming an unlikely friendship with Tip (Rhianna) who is on a mission to locate her mum, Tip and Oh come to understand what its like to being different, making mistakes,understanding humans and the true meaning of the word HOME. The film was funny, cute and included loads of action, sci-fi, emotions. Great family film for kids big and small. 8/10 home-movie-jim-parsons-rihanna   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Fast and Furious 7 (11-04-2015) Is this really the final ride? Can the franchise go on without Paul Walker? The plot, new guy Ian Shaw is after the gang seeking revenge for his brothers death. This is is Fast so expect fast cars, money girls and crazy stunts! Being Paul Walkers last film this had sentimental value however the story is nothing new or different to what we have seen in the previous 6 (which was my fave by far). The action is entertaining but the shit that Vin Diesel goes through and survives amazed me! Eye candy is provided by Tyrese but Ludacris and Dwayne Johnson are highly wasted in this film. The tribute to Paul Walker will either leave you with a lump in your throat or give you full blown tears, it was emosh! Did anyone spot where his brother took over? I think it was the beach scene?! Is this really the final ride? I’ve heard there are aFurious-7nother 3 in the pipeline! Can the franchise go on without Paul Walker? Probably but it wont be the same. 7/10 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Cinderella (06-04-2015) cinderella_poster_main_a_l_1

This story has always been one of my child hood favorites so I was excited to see a movie adaptation of this. I was thinking something slick and glam as Maleficent but I found this version a little slow and bland. True to the story we all know, Cinderella has been turned into a servant for her evil step mother and not so ugly step sisters. The story and characters are described well, but there wasn’t so much magic and excitement. Being aimed at younger audiences the kids in the screen I was in were screaming mummy I’m bored, so clearly it didn’t excite everyone. An ok approach to this classic but I would choose watching the cartoon over this version any day! 6/10 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

THE DIVERGENT SERIES: INSURGENT (02-04-2015) Insurgent_poster

I never took much notice to this trilogy but caught it one day on DVD, and surprisingly enjoyed it. Set way in the future with a similar feel to the Hunger Games, each fraction in the City is divided based on personalities. I won’t go into too much detail as this review is on part 2 of the series! So Tris and Four are fugitives on the run being chased by villain Jeanine. With time against them they need to find out what Tris’s family has been protecting and the challenges that lie ahead for the ‘divergents’. With any sort of series based on books I have always found the books way better! I have only read Divergent which I loved and the movie wasn’t half bad. However I haven’t read Insurgent and could tell that this movie definitely lacked something.  It wasn’t as great as the 1st one, rather learning more about Divergents this was a Tris’s and Four love story. I will need to read the book to see what else was left out! Overall watch it if you’re a fan of the books, if you’re not you may find this a little bland. The Hunger Games is way better! 6/10


The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel (04-01-2015)

Second_Best_posterTSBEMH is exactly that, after the success of the Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, Sunny has his eyes on an expansion however with his wedding to Sunaina set to take place in the coming weeks, Sunny’s priorities lean more towards to the expansion rather than his forthcoming nuptials.   This 2nd part has our old favorites and we see how the characters have developed since the 1st movie and how their relationships and time at the hotel has developed. New cast member Richard Gere is welcomed with the residents and fans and he can throw some serious Bollywood moves! I thought this film was cute, the wedding aspect fun however the ending was left a little too open (possibility of a part 3) but some parts left me wondering.  There are certain aspects of the story that could have been elaborated slightly. It is a little slow at times, but carries on the from the 1st movie quite nicely. It’s a good hearted family film, and I think I liked this more than the 1st one (not everyone I know who saw this did). 7/10


Focus (01-03-2015)

Nicky (Will Smfocusith) is a con artist who takes on inexperienced con artist Jess (Margot Robbie) under his wing. Nicky teaches Jess the tricks of the trade and the pair become romantically involved however when Jess gets too close, Nicky ends their relationship. Three years later, Nicky is in Buenos Aires working on a new con when Jess unexpectedly shows up. Her appearance throws Nicky off the game when he cannot afford to lose ‘focus’. Does it all end happily ever after? There is so much going on in this film that you can never get bored. You really do have to focus! However there wasn’t enough charm to make this film really special.  This was a mediocre role for Will Smith, expected more to be honest and didn’t think there was great chemistry between him and Margot. Overall a fairly entertaining film but nothing brilliant, one for the DVD pile. 6/10


50 Shades Of Grey (13-02-2015)

collection-fiftyshades-gallery_0The highly anticipated 50 Shades Of Grey finally released on 13th Feb 2015. For those of you who have never heard of it, where have you been hiding?! I’m sure the majority of you know the plot but to sum it up:  College student Anastasia Steele steps in for her sick roommate to interview the well known and powerful businessman Christian Grey.  Both Christian and Anna are drawn to each other and plunge into a relationship where Anna learns that Christian desires for extreme intimacy come from secrets in his past. I’m very much on the fence about this film, I didn’t love it yet I didn’t hate it (as many have done). It was very very average, saying that the book was also very average! Fans who were expecting steam and sizzle will be left disappointed here. Anna played by Dakota Johnson was portrayed very well, Mr Grey played by Jamie Dornan, well let’s say he grew on me as the film went on (I’m sure every woman had a different vision of Christian in their head). I don’t think the film portrayed the chemistry amazingly well between the two and if you haven’t read the book then you may not understand the fascination they have with one another. Overall I would say if you are intrigued go and watch it (ignore what others are saying). The way the film ended, it looks like this film is set to be a trilogy, I don’t think the hype will last for another 2 years however! The sound track is great btw!! 6/10


Taken 3 (18 -01-2015)

Another Taken? Seriously what else could go wrong with this family? So Bryan (Liam Neeson) and his ex wife Lenore are playing happy families when Bryan one day finds his ex wife murdered in his apartment (this is not a spoiler, it’s in the trailer). Bryan is framed for her murder and on the run with the FBI and police on his case. With help from his friends, he is on a mission to find the real killer and protect his daughter, Maggie. As far as this franchise goes, it was far better than number 2. The action was entertaining although Liam Neeson is getting a bit old now to be doing these stunts, you could see him and Forest Whitaker out of breath during the chasing scenes. It wasn’t boring but certainly nothing new, i’m sure the producers will find a way of making a Taken 4 somehow (it doesn’t end here and Liam Neeson is a cat and has 9 lives). 7/10Taken-3-2015 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Paddington (04-01-2015) movies-paddington-bear-teaser-poster

After a earthquake destroys his home in Peruvian rainforest, a bear makes his way to England in search of a new home. The bear, named “Paddington” for the London train station he was found in, finds shelter with the family of the Browns. While the Browns and Paddington adjust to their new life, the villain of the story, Taxidermist Millicent Clyde wants the Bear for herself to place him as an exhibit in the Natural History Museum. Does she succeed?   I loved this film! I know it’s aimed for children but it was so cute, I think me and my mum laughed the most! Big kids like me will definitely get a few laughs, it’s still in cinemas so go check it out! 8/10 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies (02-01-2015) The-Hobbit-The-Battle-of-the-Five-Armies-Poster

So this was the final trilogy of the hobbit.  Now for the life of me I couldn’t remember the 2nd part apart from the fact that there was a Dragon and although I enjoyed part 2 I didn’t want to spent another 3 hours reminding myself what happened! The final part picks up where the 2nd one ends, the Dragon has been set loose and is out to destroy Lake-town.  Now the battle commences of who has rights to the treasure the Dragon has been guarding all these years. This wasn’t my favourite of the trilogy, a little slow, I fell asleep for 10 minutes. I woke up in time though, when the battle was starting, which was decent. I think the film could have been wrapped up in 2 parts however it concludes the story nicely and for middle earth fans, you may be inclined to watch the LOTR franchise again after you have seen this. 7/10 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

PK -Bollywood (21-12-2014) pk

PK is Aamir Khan, an Alien landed on Earth (India) with no clue on human customs. They don’t wear clothes on his planet, hence the naked posters of him! He has come to find out about humanity however when a thief steals his remote to go home, he is stuck and finds himself on a journey trying to get back to his planet. Befriending Sanjay Dutt and Anushka Sharma on the way, PK asks innocent questions that explore religion and rituals in India. He makes you think and see things in different perspectives and most importantly not to judge others.   Its a sweet story showing love and friendship with a few LOL moments along the way. Aamir Khan is brilliant of course, and some parts of the film reminded me of his Satyamev Jayate show. Not sure about Anushka Sharmas hair or lips in this film, but she was very sweet and I quite liked Sushant Singh Rajput. A nice family movie with a moral to the story, if you are to watch a Bollywood movie before the year ends, watch this one! 8/10 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 (26-11-2014) mock

You cannot watch this film if you have never seen any of the other parts or know nothing about this saga! Mockingjay picks up exactly where Catching Fire left off, Katniss has woken up hearing the news that District 12 has been destroyed and is now in 13. Meeting President Coin, she is convinced to be the face of the rebellion (the mockingjay) while saving Peeta from the Capitol. I’ve read the book so knew that a lot would be missing, even when movies are broken into parts, not everything can be included, and it wouldn’t be fair to those who haven’t read the books. A little slow at times and not enough depth shown between the characters,  however this part is basically setting up for the grand finale, which we have to wait a whole entire year for! Watch if you are a fan, if you are not then of course give this a miss! 6/10 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Nightcrawler (16-11-2014) nightcr T

his is a movie that I saw on a whim.  It had been recommended to me by my cousin and the story line seemed interesting. Nightcrawler is about Louis who appears to be very much the loner and looking for his big break. He falls into a new career one night witnessing a  cameraman capturing events such a robbery etc which take place during the night (which if taken to a TV station, the footage can be paid for).   So armed with a camcorder and police scanner, Louis travels across the city in search for shocking and well paid crimes. What happens when Louis finds out that more money can be made with grisly crime scenes, how far will he go to get that perfect shot? If you are  into crime thrillers then I would recommend this movie, it had a slow build up but the ending was really interesting and just shows how low some people stoop to get what they want. This reviews a little late (my bad) so if it’s not still showing in the cinema, make sure you add it to your DVD list! 7/10 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (11-11-2014) tmnt So I grew up watching a super cool cartoon about 4 teenage ninja mutant turtles (TMNT) which has been vamped into a modern day movie. Produced by a lab experiment gone wrong, baby terrapins and a rodent mutant reside in sewers beneath NY city. However the arrival of an evil enemy Shredder arrives in the city and the ninjas alongside reporter April O’Neil leave the sewer to save the city. Megan Fox plays April who a lot of people have said was a bad choice. I didn’t think she was too terrible however.   This is a young film, but the reason why I wanted to watch it was because of the fond memories I had of growing up watching the show. It wasn’t the best action film but had some funny moments. Under 13s will love this more than grown ups, I have written this review so late so not even sure if its still playing, it will be a good DVD watch. 6/10 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Annabelle (31st-10-2014) anna

I thought this movie would be perfect for Halloween after all its a pre-sequel to The Conjuring and as far as horror films go, I thought that was pretty good. Annabelle however was not good.  Annabelle is about the scary porcelain doll from the conjuring who is possessed by a demon and threatens a young couple with their newborn baby. I find most horror films don’t really explore the background to why these things happen and is such with this film.  This film had a few jumps but was no way near scary (well the doll is scary enough). Slow paced and dull, Annabelle didn’t give me the scares I was hoping for this Halloween. If you scare easy, have a watch but this was rather dull and predicting. 5/10 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Happy New Year (Bollywood) 26-10-2014 happy

Diwali’s big Bollywood release was Farah Khans ‘Happy New Year’. I hated the trailer for this film and after the awfulness of Tees Maar Khan, I had zero expectations! Happy New Year is a story of revenge and respect, its also a story of winners and losers.   The film is based around 5 ‘losers’ who bid to seek payback on the story’s villain (Jackie Shroff). The plan is to steal diamonds that are to be placed in a secure safe in Dubai and to do this they must take part in the annual World Dance Championship! Seeking help from Mohini (a dance teacher), will the losers become winners? So I can honestly say that I didn’t hate this movie, I didn’t love it but it had entertainment factor! I did LOL at most parts and it had all the gltitz and glamour to keep this film together. The plot was simple, Shah Rukh Khan wasn’t OTT and there was enough exposure to all actors. Deepika to me was OK and Abishek although funny has so much potential that I felt he was wasted in this. Too many lines used from other films, would be nice to be a little original. Overall its not a terrible movie, the kids sitting behind me wouldn’t stop laughing, its a decent family entertainment film, don’t watch if you take things too seriously! 6/10 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Gone Girl (15-10-2014)

-gone-girl-01If you have the read the book, you will know exactly what this film is about. If not, Nick and Amy appear to have the perfect marriage, living in a beautiful home and appearing to having the perfect relationship, but not all what it appears to be. On their 5th anniversary Nick comes home from work to see his house messed up and Amy is nowhere to be seen. Reporting her missing the police and media cause a frenzy leaving you thinking did he dosomething to Amy? Did Nick kill his wife?! This was a slow paced movie with flashbacks of Nick and Amy’s life. It didn’t feel slow and I certainly didn’t feel like I had been watching this movie with for over 2 hours. With plenty of twists and turns there’s enough to keep you alert and of course guessing what’s happened to Amy. Overall I enjoyed this film, it was humours at times and kept me on my toes throughout. I know a few people found this film quite graphic and disturbing. I did say NO WAY at the ending, but I think that’s what makes the film. I’m sure people who have read the book may not appreciate it as much, but I would recommend you seeing this if you haven’t done so already! 8/10 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Bang Bang (Bollywood 2-Oct-2014)

Harleen (Katrina Kaif) plays a simple girl who lives with her Grandma and works as a bank receptionist. Arranging a blind date she meets the charming but mysterious Rajveer, who brings excitement and global mayhem (trips to Prague but songs in Greece)?! Who is Ranjveer and is Harleen prepared to go on this crazy ride with him? So this was a remake of the Hollywood movie Knight and Day. Not sure why they chose this movie to copy from as it was pretty awful therefore my expectations of Bang Bang were not very high! Hrithik looked amazing, he wasn’t shy of showing us his 6 pack at any opportunity he could. Katrina looked simple but nice as always, no substance in her character however. The film had some very impressive stunt scenes however over the top! Overall the plot was pretty bland and predictable, a lot of scenes were carbon copies of Knight and Day. The movie had nothing new to offer. Great action, lots of Bang Bang but nothing too exciting. Can save for DVD or when it comes on Zee TV! 6/10bang ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Lucy (21-09-2014) lucy_ver2_xlg.c489c085823.originalLucy is about well Lucy, a girl working in China and asked by her boyfriend to deliver a package to Mr Jang in exchange for money. However things go wrong when Lucy is kidnapped and turned into a drug mule. When the bag she is carrying (inside her stomach) bursts, Lucy’s body undergoes high level energy changes that unlocks her brain capacity to its full potential. What does Lucy do with this power and how does she survive? This movie was basically a female version of Limitless. The 1st half was fast paced and kept me intersted, however things started to go sour towards the end. Some parts were hazy and confusing and the ending left me unsatisfied with the answers. Although this story had great potential, it was a little too rushed for me and didnt carry enough energy as much as the character. Not a bad watch however, if you missed you at the cinema you didnt really miss out! 6/10 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Hundred-Foot Journey (09-09-2014) the100The plot revolves around the Kadam family who leave India for France where they open a restaurant opposite Madame Mallory’s Michelin-starred eatery. Originally I thought this movie was about the opening of the Indian restaurant and the competition they face but this is actually the story of Hassan – a talented chef and his rise to fame. Hassan loves to cook and is the main chef in the family business but after striking up a friendship with the souse chef at the completions restaurant, Hassan sets his eyes on more than just Indian food. This was a nice family film with a great cast (Om Puri, Helen Mirren). A little long is some parts and it would have been nice to know a bit more about the other characters, however this movie is all about Hassan and the choices he faces. This film will make you hungry so eat before/buy snacks! 7/10 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Mary Kom (5-09-2014 Bollywood)

Mary Kom is based on the story of India’s most famous female boxer. The film tells us about a poor farmers daughter in India who loves boxing and how she sets out to be a world champion. Not your typical Bollywood movie, no running around trees or endless songs, this shows the determination of Mary and how as a woman and with the support of an amazing male model (her husband) makes it into the boxing world. Even though Priyanka looks nothing like the real life Mary, her determination and skills are very much spot on, I heard she dedicated 2 years training and learning all the real life skills Mary has! And trust me when you see the movie, that’s a lot of work! I enjoyed this movie a lot, learnt about a great Icon, it was very inspirational although it was a little weak in some places, I think Mary’s childhood could have been explored a bit more and the editing was a bit jumpy. Overall a good watch, Priyanka did a great job, one for girl power. Mary-Kom-Hindi-Movie       7/10 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Inbetweeners 2 (17-08-2014) Inbetweeners_2_Movie_Poster

The boys are back and this time they are in Australia. If you have never watched the TV show or seen the 1st film, then do both before you attempt to watch this one. With Jay in Australia on a gap year and the boys not enjoying London life they decide to head down under for 4 weeks. However not all is what it seems when they catch up with Jay. Will finds himself battling with hanging with the lads or doing something new and cultural.  With cringe worthy moments, what will become of the fab 4? I didn’t think this was as good as the 1st one. There were a few LOL moments but it missed that spark from the 1st film. There was no such follow up showing us what exactly happened after the Malia trip and the ending was a little dull. I have read and heard mixed reviews on this so it really does come down to your sense of humour. Not a big deal if you miss this in the big screen I don’t think, but I’m sure hard core fans will love it more than I did. 6/10 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Guardians of the Galaxy (10-08-2014

This is Marvels latest movie bringing us an action packed space adventure. Human, Peter Quill is mysteriously taken into a land out of Earth.  After stealing a mysterious orb Peter is thrown into a prison and to secure his freedom teams up with fellow heroes Drax, Gamora, Rocket and Groot to form an alliance of misfits known as the Guardians of the Galaxy. With super villain Ronan hunting the orb, the fate of the universe lies in the guardians hands. Will they be able to save the day? I thought there were a few questions unanswered however the closing credits did inform the viewers that the Guardians would be back (sequel in the making I believe).Guardians_of_the_Galaxy_46 Wait for the scene after the credits, if you miss it, no biggie. This was a fun and light hearted movie with great characters (particularly Rocket and Groot) and effects. A little long in some scenes but still an enjoyable watch. 8/10 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Kick (Bollywood 27-07-2014) Kick-Hindi-Movie Salman Khan himself said leave you’re brain at home for this movie, I wish I had left the whole of me at home for this film. Kick (this year’s Eid release) is about a guy called Devi (SK) who is a thrill seeker, and likes to get a ‘Kick’ out of the things he does in life.   In a random twist of events, he decides to become ‘Devil’ who starts robbing the rich. I won’t explain the plot too much only because I got lost half way through myself. Too many flaws and sloppy errors. The plot was weak and ridiculously over the top. And in case you forget what you are watching it, the word ‘kick’ is mentioned in every other sentence! This movie has broken records in India, I don’t get it, Salman Khans humour is one that you laugh at not laugh with. The film also starts Randeep Hood  and Jacqueline Fernandez who were both wasted in this film. The only kick you will get out of this movie is a pain up the backside and 3hrs of headache. If you really want a kick il give you one for free. Avoid! 2/10 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes (26-07-2014) Dawn-of-the-Planet-of-the-Apes1 T

his movie picks up a decade after the 1st one. Earth has been shattered by a devastating virus, with a handful of human survivors. Genetically evolved apes led by Caesar have been living peacefully in the forest when they are stumbled across by a group of survivors looking to access a dam the Apes reside by. Humans and Ape reach a peace but this is short lived when both sides are bought to war. The effects of this movie were great, the way the apes live and how they have evolved are shown well. I thought the plot was a little weak and the ending left open for a part 3. Although I enjoyed it, I didn’t think it was really necessary for a part 2 and I didn’t feel this movie showed much emotionas the 1st one. I saw this in 2D although I think the effects would have shown nicely in 3D. A good watch but if you miss it, this will make great DVD watching. 7/10 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ White House Down/ Olympus Has Fallen (dvd 2013)

Why am I reviewing these movies together? Basically because they are the same movie but one has Channing Tatum and the another Gerald Butler. Both men are in the White House, in both movies the White House has been compromised. Both men single handling are there to save the day! Its amazing! I believe both movies were also released in like a week of each other too! I preferred White House Down, it had a bit more enjoyable action and of course Channing Tatum! Jamie Foxx was a pretty funny and cool president too! If you want to watch both leave some time in between each one. Both however were enjoyable for a good Saturday night movie at home in front of the sofa! 7/10 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Captain Philips (dvd 2103)

Its not every often I watch DVDs but I have been making use of my love film account lately! This film is the true story of Captain Richard Phillips and the 2009 hijacking by Somali pirates of the US-flagged MV Maersk Alabama, the first American cargo ship to be hijacked in two hundred years. I love Tom Hanks, he played this role perfectly, being abducted by the pirates, you could feel his pain and desperation on saving his crew and himself. I cant imagine how the real life Captain must have felt during this ordeal. A well made movie, with an insight on why the pirates did this and how the Captain survived. A great home watch. 9/10 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The fault in our stars (24th June 2014) The-Fault-in-Our-Stars”-Movie-TrailerHas anyone read the book? I had never even heard of this until I saw the trailer. At 1st I had no interest in watching this but then everyone kept saying how emotional it is, how much they cried and what an amazing story it is, so OK lets watch it. The story is based around Hazel and Gus, teenagers dealing with cancer and have met in their cancer support group. Its shows how their friendship forms into love and how they both deal with their illness. Hazel and Gus’s relationship is sweet and very sentimental and I can see why people aka girls came out crying in this movie. I however did not shed a tear! I had a prediction on how this movie would end but that came out wrong! So if your the emotional type, have read the book and 16 years of age then you will love this movie! Hey you could be my age and love it, but it didn’t really do anything for me! 7/10 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 22 Jump Street (22nd June 2014)


I had no interest in watching this, the 1st one was stupid. However much I love Channing Tatum, he needs to stick to Magic Mike kinda movies, comedy isn’t his thing. But my friend was up for seeing this and everyone on twitter kept saying how hilarious it was, so I thought why not? Ice Cube repeatedly kept saying ‘its the same case’ and it really was except this time, they are in college. A few haha moments here and there but I wasn’t laughing so much that my stomach hurt, although this was much better than the 1st one I thought. If your 15 you may appreciate the humour, if your not and watched it and appreciated then we just have a different kind of sense of humour. If you liked the 1st one then you wont be disappointed in this one. I hope there isn’t a part 3 however as these guys just look to old to be playing any more undercover student roles 6/10 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Belle (14th June 2104)

Belle_posterBelle is inspired by the true story of Dido Elizabeth Belle the illegitimate mixed race daughter of a Royal Navy Captain. Raised by her aristocratic great-uncle Lord Mansfield and his wife, Belle’s lineage affords her certain privileges, yet the colour of her skin prevents her from fully participating in the traditions of her social standing. Wondering if she will ever find love, Belle falls for an idealistic young vicar’s son bent on change who, with her help, shapes Lord Mansfield’s role as Lord Chief Justice to end slavery in England.   I watched this based on the fact that this was inspired by true events and I love a bit of history. However I felt this film was merely a love story. The bond between Belle and her cousin was shown beautifully but the plot was so slow that if I was watching this at home I would have fallen asleep. The aspect of slavery in England could have been explored more however this was left a little weak. Good TV viewing for a cold Sunday afternoon. 5/10 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  Maleficent (8th June 2014)

Sunday night I went to see Maleficent, being a massive fan of Sleeping Beauty I was excited to watch this one. A dark and twisted tale, this is not your typical Disney fairy tale film although love/magic and a happily ever after do take place. Angelina Jolie plays Maleficent, a fairy with amazing wings and a brilliant red lipstick (I’m going as her for Halloween this year)! Everyone knows thmalee tale of Sleeping Beauty but this is the tale of Maleficent, the so called evil witch (fairy) who places a curse on Aurora that when she pricks her finger on a spinning wheel at the age of 16 she will fall into a deep sleep only to be awoken by true loves kiss. I wondered why Aurora (beauty) was such a plain Jane in the movie, but then realised it is because this movie is all about Maleficent. What made her so evil, what had she been through to place such a curse? Jolie plays this character amazing, her emotions are shown well in the movie and her cheekbones looks amazingly scary! If you love your Disney then you will love this movie (although not typical Disney).  Remember true love can come in all forms. Brilliant closing sound track by Lana Del Ray. A must watch 10/10 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Heaven Is Real (4th June 2014) S

o last night I went to see Heaven Is For Real based on a true life near death experience of Colton Bupo. Todd and Sonja Bupo are a real life couple who have a 4 year old son Colton who claims to have visited heaven during a near death experience. This little boy awakes from his operation describing to his parents his amazing journey to heaven and speaks matter-of-factly about things that happened before his birth, things he couldn’t possibly know. Todd a pastor and his family are then challenged to examine the meaning from this event. I am not sure how much I believe all this, I have not read the book that this movie on based on, which I imagine tells the story in much more depth and detail.  However as a 4 year old, this experience is quite remarkable and seeing how a pastor who is in a great believer in God is vary of his son’s experience. This movie will only appeal to you if this is a subject you closely believe in. 6/10 Book is available on Amazon ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ X-Men: Days of Future Past (30 May 2014)

So many sequels/pre-sequels of this franchise, I can barely keep up! I believe this is the 7th X-Men movie, I remember hating the last one but its X-Men so thought to watch regardless. xmen This X-Men shows the movie across 2 time periods. The characters from the original X-Men film trilogy join forces with their younger selves from X-Men: First Class in an battle that must change the past – to save the future.   The X-Men send Wolverine to the past in effort to change history and prevent an event that results in tragedy for the humans and mutants. Wolverine stole this movie, hey who doesn’t wanna see his butt 🙂 For me this is the better X-Men movie however kinda contradicts all the other ones, you need to see for yourself to see what I mean. Its entertaining and made sense ( I sometimes get lost in this series). Credits after the scenes, I don’t think its a biggie if you miss it, but watch the movie. 8/10 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Amazing Spider-man 2 (3rd May)

I never quite understood why Spider-man was being rebooted so quickly after the 1st franchise, however I much prefer Andrew Garfield as Spider-man compared to Toby McGuire. spiderFor the life of me I couldn’t remember the 1st part so it took me a while to understand what was going on! This film was long – 2.5 hours! I found the 1st half really slow, felt more like a love story! Also Jamie Foxx as a villain sucked!! However it did pick up and without giving away any spoilers, I was not expecting the way it ended! I saw this in 2D, however I think the effects would have been pretty great in 3D. Overall I enjoyed this, was good to get some more background on Peter Parker’s childhood and I adore Emma Stone. No scene after the credits, am looking forward to part 3. 7/10


The Other Woman Sunday (27th April 2014)

When I saw this trailer, I thought this is a grown up version of ‘John Tucker must die’ and that’s exactly what is was.

Discovering her boyfriend is married, Cameron Diaz sets on to forget about it, but having met the boyfriends ‘wife’ these two ladies become new bffs to then discover yet another affair. The woman team up to plot the ultimate revenge on this cheating man!

otherA few laughs here and there, and a very annoying Leslie Mann, this movie was a typical chick flick. It was a nice afternoon spent with the girls, however there is no rush for this to be seen at the cinema, will do just as well for a Sunday after TV movie! 7/10


The Quiet Ones, Sunday (20th April 2014)

the-quiet-ones-poster04 How did I spend my Easter Sunday evening? Going to watch this awful British horror movie called ‘The Quiet Ones’. As with every horror film, this one was also inspired by true events! Set in the 1970s, an Oxford professor is set out to prove that there is no supernatural. The movie bases itself off of a little experiment that a group of scientists conducted back in the 70′s where they set out to create a ghost of their very own. 3 students and one professor and their ‘experiment’ Jane. Does Jane have a mental disorder or does she really have a evil spirit possessing her? This wasn’t scary, it was slow. If you scare easy then you may enjoy this however my friend who usually does get scared didn’t hug me or scream once, this says it all in my books! As with all horror movies, they never really explain the theory behind the scares. Watching a film like its being filmed has now become boring, The Blair Witch project did this years ago, its time to move on now. 4/10 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 2states2 States (Bollywood) Friday 18th April 2104 There were 2 reasons why I wanted to watch this movie. 1st, Alia Bhatt, my new favorite actress and 2nd, the book was brilliant! 2 States is about a Punjabi boy and a Tamilian girl who fall in love at university, however their families are against their relationship as they are from 2 different ‘states’. Being Indian is not good enough, you have to be the right caste, same upbringing, same language, so imagine the differences between a Punjabi and a Tamilian! I always find the book to movie transition hard because there are always going to be parts that have been missed out, trying to cram a entire book into a Bollywood movie is stretching it (even with 3 hours, don’t forget all the songs)! The book was hilarious, and descriptive, the movie wasn’t.  I don’t remember laughing, there were many moments where the emphasis of the different states came up, but this wasn’t detailed enough. If you haven’t read the book then you may find this movie a simple yet sweet love story, Alia is beautiful as ever however Arjun Kapoor wasn’t doing it for me (sorry ladies). It was nice to see Amrita Singh back in movie world as the Punjabi mum. Other reviews I have read for this have been varied.  Watch this if your a sucker for romance otherwise your better off waiting for the DVD. I do recommend the book however! 6/10 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ captain-america-2-poster-uk-full Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier  Sunday (13/04/2014)  afternoon at the movies, Captain America 2, Winter Soldier. This film brings our superhero to the modern-day and present a complicate national setting where the enemy is the U.S government. If you haven’t seen the 1st one, you wont be too confused but it does help to have watched it for background info. I remember not loving the 1st one entirely, Captain America isn’t the greatest Marvel character but he really comes out in this movie. I will admit the plot did throw me off a little, it took me a while to figure out what the mission was but once I sussed it out, I started to enjoy it a whole lot more. This was a great action movie with some amazing fight scenes. I watched it in 3D which as most 3D films was pointless, so stick to 2D if only to avoid the glasses. Chris Evans has grown significantly in this role since The Avengers, and he’s far more appealing here than in the 1st movie. We get to see a lot more of the black widow, her fight scenes were pretty bad-ass. As every Marvel movie, make sure you stay for not 1 but 2 after credit scenes. The ending leaves open to a part 3 and of course Avengers 2.  For what it’s worth, I’m looking forward to its sequel. 7/10 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Sunday 16Th March 2014  300: Rise of an empire

Greek’s vs. Persian’s yet a British accent so this threw me off a little. 300_Rise_of_an_Empire If you haven’t seen 300 then don’t worry so much as this is a new battle altogether. The story stems around the army of Greek General Themistokles’  against the huge invading Persians. Battle after battle, who survives? If you like blood and gore and muscular men then you will enjoy it, Eva Green is pretty bad-ass army, ruled by the mortal-turned-God Xerxes which is in turn led by Artemesia (an evil Eva Green), the commander of the Persian forces. I watched this in 2D but I can imagine the 3D being fairly impressive. Some decent effects, you don’t need to be a fan of Greek mythology to enjoy this. 7/10   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


So last night (11th March 2014) I went to see the new Bolly flick staring Kangana Ranaut (Krrish3), Queen. I had only seen the trailer for this once and not really heard about it but my sister dragged me along and I’m glad she did.     Queen is about Rani, a naïve girl from Delhi whose always listened to others and done what others ha Kangana is cool and refreshing and plays the role well, a light hearted film with lots of fun and laughter, this is one for you to definitely check told her. A life changing incident embarks her on a journey to Paris and Amsterdam which opens the eyes of this young girl from India who on return will never be the same. 8/10 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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