Kenza, Restaurant and Bar (24-07-2015)

Situated near Liverpool street, this is a lovely Middle Eastern restaurant, with cocktails and a belly dancer!

I went with some friends for a birthday and we had a booth situated at the back of the restaurant, which was very private so if you need some alone time ask for one of these booths! The table was low however so I ended up eating on my lap!

The belly dancer provided some nice entertainment and encourages you to join in!

So we had a set menu of £35 per person which include starters such a bread dips some lamb and chicken. The main consisted of rice and chicken and desserts were fruit and baklava. The food was nice and filling but  by the time you add the drinks the total ain’t cheap!

I would recommend this place for the ambiance and a night out for a special occasion but if you are looking for a good Turkish place then your local will do!


The Freemasons Arms – 08-06-2014

Situated in Hampstead this is a nice pub with food, drinks and a lovely beer garden.

The sun was shining this weekend so we were able sit in the beer garden which is large will lots of tables, the pub was not packed either so there was lots of space and lots of space to move.

We had a table booked for dinner. We ordered starters to share, mixed platter and breads. Starters were tasty although a little cold I thought.

When we went to order our mains however, our waitress told us that the kitchen was closed! Epic fail. They hadn’t even told us that the kitchen was closing any time soon, we were not happy!

After complaining to the manager, he told us we could place food orders.

I ordered Fish and Chips, it was massive, could have easily shared but was not that tasty, the fish was covered in salt.

The Manager was nice however and offered us a free bottle of champers for our next visit.

I would come here again as the pub is spacious and the garden lovely but would not eat here, food was overpriced and nothing special.


Dim T  – 09-04-2014

dimtTuesday night work dinner took place at Dim T this week, a menu which consists of oriental dishes and Dim Sum!

If you wasn’t aware, this restaurant is a chain, locations include Hampstead, Highgate and London Bridge.




I have dined at the Highgate branch but I have to say London Bridge is my favorite, the views of Tower Bridge are stunning so I would recommend reserving a table with a window view.

We had a table of 20 and in previous experiences I have found this hard, dining with a large group of people, so imagine the poor people who have to serve us (they did amazingly well)!

We were there to celebrate a work colleague leaving/baby shower, so we were loud and busy playing baby shower games!

If you visit Dim T, I would recommend Dim Sum for starters, you get 3 in a tub, variety of fish, veg and chicken. They are light and small and I could easily eat 20 of them!

Mains consist of curry and noodle dishes, with rice as side options, I opted for the Singapore Fried Noodles (chicken, shrimp, veg).  This came in a large bowl, was fresh and very filling.

Sadly we were all too full for dessert 🙁

I would definitely visit this branch again and make sure I stay for dessert (I wanted the bento chocolate cake).

Look out for offers on their website, although the best offers are not not always valid at London Bridge.

A 3 course meal with drinks roughly costs around £25 per head.

Perfect restaurant and location if your into oriental dishes and Dim Sum, ideal to go with friends and dates!



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