Murdered by my boyfriend

I saw a really interesting documentary on bbc I Player last week titled murdered by my boyfriend.

This is a true story of what happens to a teenage girl when she falls in love with the wrong man, a charmer who ends up dominating every aspect of this woman’s life.

A shocking and heart breaking story, this is a must watch. Domestic violence is not acceptable in any way and for those have said ‘why didn’t she just leave’, this is not always the case. This story shows you hard that can be.

Only 4 days left to watch, please do so.

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New Tab!

Hi all,

Check out my review of Matilda, under the theatre page!

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Food Coma

So I finally added something to the restaurant tab! Take a look at my review of Dim T!

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So for those of you who know me, for those who don’t, welcome to Reena’s reviews aka

Take a look at the sections on top where I have reviewed movies/concerts/restaurants and bars/clubs.

I have been told I am a bit of of a socialite/busy bee etc and decided to review all the cool places I have visited/done and share with you.

I am going to back track things that I have done since the start of the year so please bare with me while I do this!

Please feel free to share your thoughts with me and happy reading.





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